Listen up sheep

Time is running out. It’s time to pull ourselves together and get ourselves out of this mess, as God would want. It’s time to be responsible! Educate, inform, and inspire others to do the same! Do not abandon reason for madness If you or a loved one has been a victim of Peggy Hall or another anti-masker’s campaign you are not alone. Former, recovering, or questioning members of the anti-mask movement there is hope. You can recover your lost relationships and mental health, no one is beyond the pale.

We can all get through this pandemic together.

This will all end one day, but the lost lives won’t be recovered. By and large anti-maskers are a hated lot, holding onto these beliefs and views will have repercussions long after this has all past, plus nearly all of the leaders of the movement are keen to financially exploit their followers with a rigor perhaps only surpassed by Trump’s campaign. Frightening times like now have in the past resulted in people latching onto dangerous beliefs and activities. It’s important to maintain mental clarity and reach out to friends and family when we are feeling stressed or afraid. Like other cults anti-mask leaders try to separate individuals from their support systems.

This blog is mainly direct towards documenting and exposing the anti-mask and anti-safety leaders of the 2020 Covid pandemic for the scam artists and cult leaders they are. If you have any stories you’d like to share feel free to send me an email at