The Church Evangelical church’s descent into little more than a PAC.

Disdain towards the medical field is a pretty clean break from Christian tradition which for a long time has cherished and honored medical treatment and the medical field - most hospitals bear saint names - Christ literally healed people - early christian communities founded the first public hospitals

A Church that put’s it’s own “rights” over the health and well-being of it’s parishoners and the broader community is not a church at all. You cannot claim to love God and flagrantly claim to be acting on his behalf when you do evil

The image of churches full of the priveleged in society flouting mask and social distancing rules clearly violates Christ’s commands to care Matt 25:40

There is no use for a christianity that does not preserve life. A Christian, entomologically means a little christ, there’s no room for your convenience to be placed over and above other’s safety.

One of the more disturbing trends of the anti-mask cult is their appropriation of religion to push their agenda. Peggy and David are the most prolific abusers of the faith and Alan also takes part quite a bit. On most of the anti-mask facebook groups and meetup groups I observed most of the members were conservative christians, predominately evangelicals. And they too typically couched their arguments from religious standpoint.