Lenka Koloma

In normal times Lenka could be described as an eccentric individual. Like Peggy she also had a yoga business and also sold books about typical Orange County stuff: healing crystals, green smoothies, raw food, etc. She also appeared to be primed for the pandemic, she doesn’t believe viruses even exist. None, instead she believes them to be natural particles of DNA that coexist within our bodies and can do no harm. What she thinks is happening when people catch the flu is anyone’s guess. She’s mainly notable for being the initial inventor of these hilarious medical exemption cards issued from the Freedom to Breath Agency, which she would try to show to grocery store workers in failed attempts to get out of wearing a face mask. Sadly due to Lenka’s legal incompetency you can no longer buy laminated cards from the “Freedom to Breath Agency” since the DOJ doesn’t find it funny when you try to put their seal on something and run around claiming to have any kind of authority. Lenka has a strange sort of frenemies relationship with Peggy Hall with the two collaborating at times or fighting over who first came up with the whole medical exception card idea (it was Lenka, but Peggy was smart enough to put up a bunch of disclaimers on hers). Lenka currently operates out of Laguna Niguel, CA and will try to fight with Sprouts employees on the regular, while she’s been banned from certain locations.

Peggy and David Hall

Peggy bills herself as a wellness coach while also being a (now former) ESL teacher at Saddleback Community college. She and her husband have a long history of setting up fraudulent businesses, churches, and non-profits to such money out of hapless victims. Peggy seems to have made ventures into animal rescue, yoga, and the sale of “rejuvenation” serums. Prior to the pandemic she seemed to mainly involved “wellness” coaching despite having no degree in counseling or really any formal training. Her ESL students report that she would extensively push her coaching during classes, which she would charge for hundreds of dollars per session and practice she continues to engage in with her current healthy american group on social media. David Hall bills himself as a pastor of True Hope with David Hall, catchy isn’t it. This is not a real church nor is there any indication that he went to seminary or is linked with any Christian denomination. He preaches a particularly insidious Christian heresy commonly called the prosperity gospel. Like other prosperity gospel preachers David manipulates his followers to hand over money to him and in return God will give them more money in return. This is utterly outside of anything resembling historical Christian thought or the teachings listed in the gospels and is purely a cynical means of exploitation.

Peggy rather quickly jumped onto the anti-mask bandwagon, having already earned money facilitating anti-vaccine groups in the past. She’s probably one of the more prolific and profitable members of the bunch, something that at times draws the ire of other friends of the virus like Lenka Koloma. She has t-shirts, paid events, phone sessions, special videos, stickers, the works. She commonly likes to organize harassment campaigns against major retail stores and in the past has encouraged her followers to picket and even spit on workers at Trader Joes, Sprouts, Whole Foods, and Costco. In the past she’s tried to mainly push for these actions online but after being banned off Facebook on a few occasions for sending death threats to people who try to reason with her she mainly tries to push her followers to get their marching orders from a poorly designed square space website she maintains.

One noteworthy observation about Peggy and David is that they by and large they don’t really interact with their followers in person. Peggy has been known to stage bizarre stunts to get out of actually meeting people in person. In one case she was invited a giant pro-trump rally in Sacramento. Instead of driving there like many of her followers and other speakers at the “event” she tried to force her way onto a plane flight. When instructed that she needed to wear a face mask she pulled out a prepared speech and threatened to get the attendant fired and then loudly proclaimed that she was being kept away from the rally due to the tyranny of Southwest Airlines. She had this whole interaction tapped from her walking up to the gate to the end of her speech which she posted online. This and other instances where she’s refused to meet her followers in person gives me the suspicion that she may not actually believe anything that she’s teaching to her followers and is avoiding them to not catch covid. She is noticeably more savvy in terms of marketing and evading legal issues than other anti-maskers. All in all she’s more dangerous than the others listed here.

Alan Hostetter

To me Alan is one of the sadder figures in this crowd. In a previous life he appears to have been a police officer before being put on leave for mental health reasons. Since then he started his own yoga studio (btw no hate for yoga but there’s a pattern here) and set up shop in San Clemente, CA. He first gained noteriety for attempting to tear down a gate closing the San Clemente pier during the initial lockdowns in Spring of 2020. An avid Qanon follower, Alan runs an organization called the American Phoenix project and thinks the virus is a liberal hoax (or made in a lab, he contradicts himself) and styles himself as a kind of Qanon prophet. He tends to be more violent in tone when compared to other anti-maskers. I first became aware of this guy when he publicly announced he and group of “patriots” would storm grocery store in the area maskless as an act of civil defiance. In public events he’s been seen coordinating with the proud boys (a fascist gang) and speaks at other far right events. As a Qanon supporter, and one that’s pretty deep into the conspiracy theory he’s a fanatical supporter of Trump’s fascist movement and should really be avoided in all circumstances in public and online. Alan Hostetter and his wife Kristine Hostetter were present and involved in the attempted coup on the capitol on January 6th of 2021, as far as the maintainers of this site are concerned they are both dangerous individuals . Kristine at the time of this post is a teacher in the Capistrano Unified School District of Orange County, CA and is not in any way fit to be teaching our nation’s youth. More information regarding grassroots organizers trying to combat extremism from figures like Alan and Kristine Hostetter can be found here: https://www.cusdagainstracism.org/ please consider signing their petition demanding that the Capistrano Unified School District condemn the capitol riots and pledge to expunge Kristine if she indeed was involved in the failed coup attempt.

As of January 30th 2020 Alan is being investigated by the FBI

Alan calling for execution of Trump’s Foes

Washington Post Article on Alan Hostetter

Alan calling for violence at a Stop the Steal rally in Hunington Beach

Jeffery Barke

When you hear an anti-masker claim that they have doctors backing them, typically they’re referring to this guy. Jeffery has peddled pretty much every quack covid conspiracy under the sun and personally attempted to try and profit from selling re-branded tonic water to his followers. Along with asserting the surgical mask, he may or may not have ever used had no effect on preventing germ spread. Peggy Hall, Lenka Koloma, and Alan Hostetter frequently try to use Jeffery Barke as “scientific” proof of their anti-mask views in their campaign to convert Orange County to loyal followers of the Trump Death Cult. Despite all the claims of Barke’s medical credentials and his association with Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach, the Hospital and public denounced him and have clarified that Barke has never been a resident physician and had severed their ties to Barke. Jeffery Barke made headlines for brandishing a gun while chatting with Peggy Hall. His actions have likely resulted in countless deaths and he should by all means be pushed out from any medical organization.