Bellow is a list of the tech platforms that facilitate and profit off of anti-mask or covid denialism on the internet. I’m not going to ponder too much around the moral character of those in charge of these platforms or give into any kind of conspiratorial thinking. But what I will say is that by and large, dangerous content online rarely gets removed without it being made clear from a business standpoint that hosting such content is bad for the bottom line. In the past usually hate content was taken down when advertisers on social media sites threatened to stop running ads in response to public backlash. Public backlash or the threat of public backlash has also prompted businesses outside of advertising to withdraw their support from online content in the past as well (ex. mastercard). With this in mind I’m posting bellow the platforms used by Peggy Hall, Lenka Koloma, and Alan Hostetter bellow with a brief summary of how the platforms are being used along with the appropriate means of contacting or reporting the content. I would just suggest that you keep in mind that by and large the person responding to any inquiry is just doing a job and isn’t the one making the decisions regarding what stays up on a given platform and generally creating a website or signing up for a service is automated so likely no one from these companies have even see any of these sites before. Basically be nice but clear. Individuals like Peggy Hall, Lenka Koloma, and Alan Hostetter and their followers are a big part of why hundreds of thousands of people in the US have died. Unless you’re working on the vaccine effort or in the medical field, the greatest thing we can do to save lives during the covid-19 pandemic is to combat misinformation and bad actors along with encouraging others to practice safety measures correctly. This document will be updated periodically with new information if necessary.

At the bottom of this page I have instructions on how to look up a website’s host along with a emails and/or instructions for how to report these sites to their service providers. If you hear anything back from these companies please email me at Also when making reports it’s worth checking sites like for information around ownership, foreign government backing, list of debunked claims, and other information.

Peggy Hall

  • Webhosting for
    provided by
    acceptable use policy clearly prohibits misinformation: here

  • Donations for
    provided by donorbox
    terms of service:
    prohibits campaigns that are fraudulent, misleading, inaccurate, or dishonest Peggy Hall very frequently makes dishonest and inaccurate claims

  • thehealthyamericans meetup groups for organizing maskless shopping events
    Currently down will keep up contact info in case it comes back up again provided by
    community guidelines here
    specific policies around covid-19: here
    instructions for reporting a group: here

  • Apparel Store:
    provided by
    acceptable use policy here
    According to the acceptable use policy campaigns around misleading medical claims or illegal activity are prohibited Instructions for reporting content here

  • Calendly:
    Scheduling platform for getting private coaching sessions with Peggy Hall, be sure to link the above link and Peggy’s website
    support email:

Lenka Koloma

Alan Hostetter

Jeffery Barke

Sample Letter

bellow is just a template, it’s best to add your own thoughts and wording

To Whom it may concern,

I’m contacting you in regards to a covid-19 conspiracy theorist using your platform to spread and profit from misinformation. The content in question here [link content here] is directly connected with ongoing issues in my community where a portion of the public has been misled by the false and dangerous claims hosted on your platform. As a result our case counts and deaths continue to climb as individuals behind this content continue to urge their followers to not wear masks, refuse vaccines, and break social distancing guidelines. I’ve reviewed the terms of service your company has posted online and I believe the content I mention above not only breaks your terms of service and I believe does not represent the kind of effect you hope to have on the broader community. I strongly urge that you remove this content and other Covid-19 related misinformation from your platform to the best of you ability. As it will tangibly have an effect on the number of people who survive this pandemic. I want thank you in advance for your attention to this matter and I hope you and your loved ones are well.

Best Regards,

How to look up hosting

If you’re a mac or linux user the ping command will do otherwise you can use the website which is pretty straight forward hostingchecker demo

Hosting services with their Terms of Service and Reporting mechanisms

Here’s a list of hosting services with their TOS and emails or webforms for reporting term breaking content.


Google Firebase

Liquid Web