Making America Great "Again" and the Face Mask

At the beginning of the pandemic then president Trump and his movement reacted to the news of a deadly new plague arising from China with a mix of bravado and arrogance. China, Trump’s favorite target for channeling American paranoia to a foreign target was ladled with scorn and fear mongering by the Trump administration in the winter and early spring of 2019. This proved to be politically expedient for Trump, a man as always more acquainted with rhetoric rather than planning or really much action at all. [Read More]

Why is there so much misinformation out there around Covid-19 and Vaccines

Question: Why is there so much misinformation online regarding Covid-19 and Vaccines? Answer: It’s insanely profitable for all involved Despite highly publicized gestures to rid their platforms of “problematic” content, anti-vaxxers along with many other vile actors operate with impunity on most social media platforms. Crackdowns when they happen typically only target larger accounts or add pointless disclaimers that function more as advertisements than actual attempts to get people to question their favorite chiropractor’s opinion on jade eggs. [Read More]

Fight, Flight, Freeze in the time of Covid

Typically when people are faced with fear inducing situation we commonly think of the fight/flight dichotomy. And we see that a lot now a days in the times of Covid. And the thing is that these two responses to fear are not typically bad, they’re just responses. It makes sense to run away from a oncoming train or fight off a spider crawling up your leg. Freezing on the other hand is typically where things go wrong. [Read More]